Urban List
Sydney's ramen scene has reached new heights—maybe even a state of noodle soup euphoria—with MASHI NO MASHI
Concrete Playground
Tokyo's WAGYUMAFIA Is Opening Wagyu Ramen Restaurant Mashi No Mashi in Sydney This Week
Please Try to Ramen Calm, Australia Just Scored Its First Mashi No Mashi
Slurp Like A Boss at The Star's new world-famous wagyu ramen house
Right at home among Star Casino’s high-end eateries, Mashi No Mashi is devoted to showcasing Ozaki beef from Japan
Time Out Hong Kong
Mashi No Mashi, the first wagyu tsukemen restaurant in town
Dim Sum Daily
David Beckham savours the first Wagyu Tsukemen at Mashi No Mashi
Time Out Hong Kong
The best Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong
Lifestyle Asia
Wagyujiro, a behemoth filled with all the most decadent ingredients
Eater London
Wagyumafia’s £75 Bowl of Ramen Actually Tastes of More Than Hype
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